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A Life Rewritten: Marissa's Story

At age 14, Marissa Freyling was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer; a decade of painful medical procedures followed. Only through God’s grace could she find purpose in her trials.

John Wooden: They Called Him Coach, Part 3

Get a fascinating look into the life of legendary Coach John Wooden—his remarkable career and his personal values for successful living. This inspiring biography conveys the importance that Coach Wooden placed on integrity, belief in God, and concern for others.

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John Wooden:…

Land of The 7 Churches, Part I: The Overcomers

This is the land of the Bible. To the Apostle Paul, it was the Roman Province of Asia. Today it is the home of Istanbul. City of over 10 million, growing by 400,000 a year. A 30 by 60 mile community of 2000 mosques. A city in which 98 percent of the population identify themselves with the faith of Islam…

What Jesus Said About Suffering

Why would a good God allow you to suffer and abandon you in the midst of your pain? In "What Jesus Said About Suffering," you’ll travel to Israel with Mart DeHaan and hear from biblical scholars as they discuss the “whys” of suffering. Examine the words of Jesus that reveal His response to human anguish. Consider whether you have reason…

I Have A Song, Part I

From Israel, in the north region of the Galilee, singer and songwriter Shannon Wexelberg shares her personal story of a life-changing event. Her husband Mark was severely injured by a distracted driver. As a result, his job ended, they moved from their home, and they had to let go of some dreams.

Whatever your story or wherever you are in…

What Jesus Said About God: Is There A Higher Power?

Travel to Jerusalem and examine the words of Jesus that reveal the existence of God. Join host Mart DeHaan and several authorities as they engage in a captivating discussion. Gain insights into reasons for belief and unbelief in God. Discover whether you have reason to believe not only what Jesus said about God, but also what He said about himself…

What Jesus Said About Life After Death

How do you know if Jesus’ claim about eternal life is true or if it’s simply wishful thinking? In this video presentation you’ll travel to Jerusalem with host Mart DeHaan and hear from a variety of authorities. Join the discussion as they explore questions about life beyond the grave and examine the words of Jesus. Discover answers to your deepest…

John Wooden: They Called Him Coach, Part 1

Honored for his legendary success as a coach and greatly admired by all who knew him, John Wooden demonstrated what it means to live a Christian life. Including interviews with his daughter, Nan Wooden, and players he coached at South Bend Central High School, Indiana State University, and UCLA. This captivating biography provides a great way to share a message…

A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew, Part I

“Listening to the voice of Matthew” (Chapters 1-4). Bringing to life the pages of the gospel of Matthew, host Michael Card guides us through the city of Capernaum and northern region of Israel, along the shorelines of the Sea of Galilee, and finally to Jerusalem.


Other parts of the series:
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A New…

A Journey Through Broken Dreams

Sheridan and Merryn Voysey understand the struggle of infertility and candidly share their broken dream and how they ultimately found peace.

The Rescue of Jerusalem

King Hezekiah’s choice to stand on the promise of God during crisis provides great inspiration in this play-by-play account of Jerusalem’s deliverance from the Assyrians.

Better Than Life: Stories of the Persecuted Church

For centuries, men, women and even children have been imprisoned--not for what they have done, but for what they believe. In the past century, Christians have been persecuted and martyred in greater numbers than at any other time in history. Hear stories and songs inspired by the followers of Christ who gave their lives for what they believe.

This program…

The Perfection Deception: Exposing Cultural Myths About Beauty

The Perfection Deception details the pressures women face in a society that judges outward appearance. In contrast, learn God’s definition of true beauty.

The Appointed Times: Jesus in the Feasts of Israel, Part I - Rest, Remembrance, & Renewal

Today in Israel and throughout the Jewish world the annual cycle of holy days continues to be observed. Travel with Day of Discovery to Israel and uncover the historical, agricultural, sacrificial, and prophetic understanding of Jewish holy days in part 1—Rest, Remembrance, and Renewal. See in stunning detail how together, these feasts unfold God’s grand story of redemption for the entire…

My Search for Messiah, Part I

For Christians (followers of Christ), Jesus is at the center of everything they believe. As a Jewish young man, Michael Rydelnik refused to even consider Jesus’ claim to be the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures. But when his own mother, a Holocaust survivor, revealed to her family that she now believed in Jesus, it divided their family.

Michael, in…